bitlesThe Bitles‘ is a new game from the team at Meat Games, which pays its players a reward in Bitcoin for playing fun puzzle games. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Getting paid to play a game may seem like a strange concept to some people, but it is becoming increasingly popular among Bitcoin fans. Its a simple but powerful concept: the game generates revenue from ad views and then shares that revenue with its players. Of course that does mean that you do have to put up with a good number of adverts – short video ads you watch after each level in this case – but its not all that much different from a lot of free phone games I’ve seen, and the rewards can be well worth the extra hassle.

In the Bitles you earn coins for every level you complete in Puzzle mode, as well as a daily bonus for playing. The daily bonus is paid when you open the app if you played a game the day before, so there is definitely an incentive to become a regular player. From my own test, the rewards for completing levels seem very good compared to other similar offerings.

The game itself is one of those types of puzzle which have a few simple elements and that seem super-easy at first, but which quickly become more challenging than you expected as you progress through the levels. In this case, you have to guide your character through a simple maze to collect your coins and then return to the nest, and you do it by placing a limited selection of arrows on the map which change the direction your character is moving in when it passes over them. I found it quite fun to play, and its good if you want a daily does of brain training to exercise those mental muscles.

The graphics are a little bit brash and gaudy, especially for the characters themselves, but they are also fun and visually striking.

In addition to the main puzzle, there is also a challenge mode where you can pitch your skills against other players, trying to kill your opponent by placing and pushing bombs across the map. My three year old Samsung phone, which I really should have replaced already, struggled a little to keep up with the action in challenge mode; but I’m sure newer phones, tablets and laptops would be able to cope much better and in any case even my old banger phone was fine in the main puzzle mode. The listed requirements are a GPU with 1GB VRAM on desktop, or a phone / tablet with 1GB or more RAM, which seems reasonable. Its also quite a large download, so make sure you use WIFI or you might eat up a lot of your data allowance.

The Bitcoin you earn from playing build up in your account until you reach 0.001, at which point you can withdraw it to any wallet you choose. Although I’ve only played a handful of levels across two days myself, it seems like it wouldn’t take too long to reach that minimum payment level.

Overall The Bitles is a great choice if you are looking for a free game to play on your phone and you like bitcoin. Its also a much more enjoyable alternative to ‘faucet’ websites which give new users some small amount of free coins so that they can give Bitcoin a try without putting any money on the line. If you have friends who’ve shown some interest in Bitcoin but not enough to buy any, then recommending games like this can also be a great way to finally get them to join the digital currency revolution!

All the download links, a gallery of screenshots and more can be found on The Bitles website: You can also get the game from iTunes or App Store, and I’ve been reliably informed that is will soon be available via Steam as well.