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Cryptorials Overview

StackMonkey offers a decentralized cloud hosting solution powered by Bitcoin.

Developers can use this service to launch hosting instances over a global decentralized cloud. Payment is made directly through the Bitcoin blockchain from service users to node providers. You can launch an anonymous instance using your secret Bitcoin key for authentication and to participate in the trust system, or login using Google with 2-factor authentication. Runs on the popular OpenStack cloud controller software.

Anyone can set themselves up as a StackMonkey node provider by running the open source Utter.io and provide computing power to user all over the world in return for BTC payments. Companies who use OpenStack on their own infrastructure can use StackMonkey to convert their operations into a hybrid private cloud, selling their unused resources on the open market.

A flexible trust system can enable the use of StackMonkey even with applications using proprietary code and handling sensitive data, but the service is most recommended for open source applications processing non-sensitive data.

Visit Website: stackmonkey.com

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